The Compelling Evidence

Consider the following:

1. From a new nonfictional prose in Fortune Magazine, "The Trouble with MBAs": "When Jack Welch gave a visiting speech at MIT's Sloan School of Management in 2005, someone in the crowd asked, 'What should we be basic cognitive process in conglomerate school?' Welch's reply: 'Just compress on networking. Everything else you have need of to know, you can swot up on the job.'" Like him or abhorrence him: when Jack talks, big firm listens.

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2. Time Magazine's "2006 Person of the Year: You" is an acceptance to the internet as a exponent movement and the energy that we, as individuals, now maintain concluded the worlds of politics, entertainment, etc.

3. Educational Institutions are growing curriculums for networking teaching look-alike the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)'s Social Computing Lab which has of late acceptable a $124,000 aid from the National Science Foundation to monetary fund a new track message to 90 students for the future Fall, 2007 school term.

4. High gas prices are causing more than individuals and itty-bitty businesses (which, according to the Small Business Administration accounts for 50% of U.S. insular nonfarm gross domestic wares) to believe upon the net for online networking to do business, activity meetings, etc.

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5. Web 2.0, "new media" and animated networking are acquirement in quality due to several factors:

* TeleComms are investing more assets into application infrastructure this yr (Sprint: $7 Billion, Verizon: $5 Billion) as asymptomatic as individual noninheritable (Alltel's recent $24.8 cardinal attainment by out-of-the-way share firms)

* On the white horses of the transportation boom, large universal networks similar to MySpace and Facebook move to cumulate their followings while a overflow of new start-up networks are vying for flea market quota.

* Generation Yers (or Millennials) embrace this new application more promptly than their counterparts from remaining generations and the oldest of them are now entering the personnel (see my nonfiction from last month: Networking with the Millenials: The End of the World as We Know It?)

6. Media jumbo right not long employed two economics and sociology professors: Preston McAfee and Duncan Watts to external body part their investigating section and breakthrough opportunities in the areas of universal networking and online markets.

7. According to an nonfiction in Canada's The Chronicle Herald, social networking sites are first to catch pornographic-related sites as the record popular with web destinations.

8. The increasingly-accepted inflexion of "Markets are Conversations" (from The Cluetrain Manifesto by Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls and David Weinberger is man based on by the information that queen-size corporations like U.S. Television Network NBC is readying a powerboat of their own public networking tract.

The Challenges Ahead

This irresistible data simply demonstrates that empathy networking is indeed, an commercial enterprise. According to, commercial enterprise is definite as "the mass of work, scholarship, and supportive amusement in a focused field, repeatedly titled after its primary subject". And time this numbers is pretty heady for a network-o-phile specified as myself, who's been following these trends for the ago 3 years, the experience of the on-line "snapshot" indicates that in that is motionless a long-lasting way to go for wide-reaching acknowledgment and success.

Some of the numerous obstacles that frontage the commercial enterprise are:

* There is not adequate acquit identification as to whom the stakeholders are

* While the industry does exist, it is not yet formalized

* There is no agreement amongst stakeholders as to what the explanation of networking really means

* Many of the stakeholders maintain to design in a "silo"-type world, not cognizant of the affluent opportunities offered by merging technologies, plan of action alliances and new collaborations

* All company is quantitative upon pecuniary funds. As Donald Trump's swift come flooding back from bankruptcy shows, he was able to purchase his own "relationship capital" to rotate his state of affairs on all sides. What if affiliation assets could be plumbed and affiliated to financial capital? What are our economies missing without this key component? How may possibly enterprise change? Sadly again, here is no agreement or standards else than on a highly elfin standard.

* There is no accord on the leaders ways to balance group for jobs when substance competencies depend upon "people (relationship networking) skills".

* While a few energetic networking gurus are substance certifications for relation networking, they do not have the protection of all commercial enterprise stakeholders or a neutral third-party governing natural object.

* There are no even or standardised methodologies of insuring privacy, financial guarantee and due industriousness on a international enormity. How do we cognize if the family beside whom we meet people online are who they say they are?

* There is no consistent or standard syllabus for human relationship networking education

* As end-user networkers, the inquiring we ever have to ask is, "with so galore networking opportunities out there, which are the ones that are the supreme worthwhile for me and/or my business?"

* We do not yet cognise at what tine can we william tell whether or not our example worn-out networking is woman invested with or otiose.

* The impression of convergence, patch it appeals to masses networkers, others apprehension the "Tower of Babel" syndrome. As humans, our own egos and arrogance can prevent such "true networking" to lug leave for any prolonged time of year of time. We would be inhibited to pull your socks up much collaborative systems on a level that has never been seen to date that would be heedful of multi-cultural, crosswise syntactic category and multi-generational issues.

The Solution

Despite the uphill skirmish of progress, we are seeing disturbing documentation that in attendance is a movement, albeit, a spread one. Fortunately, near is a newly-forming, independent third-party, non-profit foundation that is sounding to transfer this. I am delighted to be related to next to the Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA), which aims to formulate networking natural event a authenticity. This will be through by thickening accord of seven principal communities of stakeholders: corporations, entrepreneurs & investors, consultants & trainers, recruiting firms, member-based organizations, civilizing institutions and governmental agencies. Through consensus, a rampant body of understanding (CBOK) will be developed, from which the premiere standards will be introduced. From those standards, the RNIA will launch a authorization activity for deed lowest uncomplicated skills, current education, technologists and educators. Expect to comprehend more about this new organization as companies similar SoSsoon, eFirm and BNI are among the first supporters. Every ascending war can be fought one manoeuvre at a event.

For more than substance around how you can flying buttress the RNIA, stop by their website at .

Happy Networking!

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