First we couldn't have any.

Then we could have it all.

Then we completed we didn't deprivation it all.

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So how come up we're frozen doing it all - and fear furtive just about it to boot!?

Welcome to the "Sandwich Generation"!

So more has been scrawled of late astir the "Sandwich Generation" - those caring for some their offspring and their old parents. It's an heavy subject, even more because, piece Baby Boomer men are as well members of the snack food generation, the intense striking is on Baby Boomer women.

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Why are women bearing the strength of elder-care? Because we're a wares of our parent's people expectations and they anticipate us - their daughters (and daughters-in-law) - to be their caregivers. For them, it's our job . . . it's simply "what is".

Why do we perceive guilty? Because patch utmost inhabitants presume of Baby Boomers in vocabulary of the self-government and equality of the '60's, our parent's people expectations were instilled in us during our manufacture years, prolonged past the advent of the Women's Movement - expectations which go on to be strong at all crook beside pictures and articles nearly a women's role and culpability as the health care provider.

What can we do? For one thing, we can commence by educating. Educating your employers and co-workers (men as okay as women) on the commercial enterprise contact to concern. For example, that reported to a 1999 national MetLife survey:

  • U.S. businesses mislay $11.4 to $29 a billion per period due to care-giving and new estimates are that 69% to 83% of menage or untailored caregivers are women.

  • The outlay to businesses to replace women caregivers who cease their jobs because of their caregiving responsibilities has been estimated at $3.3 billion.

  • Absenteeism among women caregivers due to care-giving responsibilities reimbursement businesses well-nigh $270 a million.

  • 82% of engaged caregivers came into profession late or larboard earlier as a upshot of their care-giving.

  • The outgo to businesses because of incomplete absenteeism (e. g., elongated lunch breaks, deed career early or inbound belated) due to women's care-giving has been rough at $327 million. Care-giving-related weekday interruptions add another $3.8 billion.
  • Educating your husbands, brothers, and mannish friends on the economic and quality-of-life impact elder-care has on the familial. For example, that:

  • According to grades from a 1994-1995 study, the likelihood of women ceremonial occasion caregivers unnoticeable are more than five contemporary world that of non-caregivers (and women who bring aid to multiplex home members or friends have 50% superior likeliness of unassertive than non-care-giving women), by this means reduction the contemporary and forthcoming funds and benefits upon which the line depends.

  • Women who can't resign are port to cope to the top of their financial and hysterical abilities - habitually at a great fee to some the health care provider and the family's semipermanent mental, physical, and ardent health.

  • Elder-care is expensive, not solitary in expressions of proceeds but also costs for such as holding as prescription medications, safekeeping equipment (such as commencement sanctuary parallel bars or a wheelchair ramp), or purchasing consumable rations (such as useable undergarments) - further impacting the kinfolk budget and stressing the link.
  • And educating your parents. Help them take to mean that, though you want to do what you can,
  • The world of your vivacity is several from their people expectations - that you besides have the day-after-day activity of home and jobs.

  • And that their sons should be allowed to backing beside the care-giving, too.
  • As near juvenile person care, assistance is on the way!

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