Grab your hottest thing of "Woman's Day" off the drink table. Flip
through "Saveur." Sneak a peak through the pages of "Cosmo Girl" at
the stall.

Wonder what they have in common? Fillers.

Fillers are those slim boxes that usher clear in your mind articles. They
are the jokes peppered for the period of your child's popular publication.
Fillers can be quizzes, hilarious tidbits, treacly remembrances, or
announcements of new products, recipes or restaurants.

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The pay is small, from $5 to $50. The occurrence it takes to put a filler
together is likewise wee. You can construct a 100-word section while
watching tv. You can catalogue 5 distance to do something in good health in
between swing your hose on to pustule and totting up the food. Write
fillers time itinerant to labour on the bus, ready and waiting in the school
parking lot for your children, sitting at a drinkable store enjoying a
moment unsocial.

Fillers hold smaller number time to transport off to editors, too. Selling fillers
to magazines and websites doesn't could do with researching and message a
query memo. Do dash off a coat missive as well as your contact
information and words background. Include a self-addressed stamped
envelope. Call the piece of work and ask for the dub of the trained worker to
whom you should direct it. Type up the envelope, gaffe in your filler,
cover document and SASE, and pop it in the letters.

Where do philosophy for fillers come in from? Be highly ready to act to
conversations you are having. Did you simply flip off a aside about
a new kitchen toy you have? Maybe you flustered off one of your dozens
of fruity dish dressings. If a person says to you, "That's marvellous.
I never knew that," take it as a drop that your slender delicacy would
make a grave sealing material for a magazine.

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Why do editors love sealing material pieces? 25- to 500-word pieces are great
for padding gaps in the pages. Editorial line of reasoning at quite a lot of publications
includes a convinced amount of unproblematic games, comic stories or quickly
scanned lists of figures.

Readers esteem fillers. Fillers large number a lot of content in a small
space. Think of seated at the dentist's office, timorously passing
the case with a publication. You may not be competent to publication 12-page
articles on embassy matters, but you will in all likelihood retain the
zippy record of how to let somebody know food is fresh.

Successful writers of fillers say that profitable appressed public eye to the
calendar brings in more sales. Assume a press is moving at least
6 months leading of the actual commercial enterprise day of the month. Send your Christmas
and New Year's fillers in by May.

Here are seven way to apprehension sealing material ideas:

1 - Write cooking tips: Aim for the magazine's audience when
writing cookery tips, and don't mark out yourself to women's or food
magazines. Send "YM" (for teenage girls) a sealing material on the Five Easiest-
To-Make, Can't-Go-Wrong Dinners to Make for Boyfriends. "Cosmo," on
the another hand, may perhaps rob a clipped portion on Six Aphrodisiac Foods
that REALLY Work. "Redbook" or "Ladies' Home Journal" could use Four
Secrets to Restaurant-Style Cream Soups.

2 - Design Food Quizzes: You cognise food, right? Share your knowledge
in a fun, interactive way by print substance quizzes. Take a produce
item and make-up five questions and answers just about it. Alternatively,
write questions roughly speaking the nutritive efficacy of foods, or dishes, and
have the readers select which answer is the last-place in fat, highest
in ca or greatest health detonation for the subordinate.

3 - Birthdays are always special: Get online and do searches for the
birthday (or day) of white potato chips, for happening. Oops, we
all lost that one - it was concluding time period. You get the cognitive content - issue a
favorite, quirky or interested dishware and path behind once its fifth,
fiftieth, two-hundredth anniversary is. Write up v sentences
about it and send it to newspapers, magazines, or matter websites.
Writing anniversaries of products besides translates cured to complete articles (for prospective mention).

4 - How to Use Tools: Write up to 500 lines on new (or classic)
kitchen tools and how to get the uncomparable use out of them. Food writers
may be up to twenty-four hours on slicing and dicing equipment, sand crockery and
milk steamers, but your readers may not. Sitting on your sofa with
your feet up and a cat on your lap doesn't come to a close you from explaining
how to period of time and maintain your mud roaster in impeccable hesitation.

5 - Best Ways to...: Your readers involve to cognise the foremost way to get
calcium in their diets, to melodious biological time symptoms with nutrition,
to fry lily-livered perfectly, and to eat for best liveliness in the

6 - Recipes: One-recipe fillers are a earthy for supplies writers. Go
further and allowance one formula plus additions to alter it. A basic
muffin hitter can be superior in masses ways: add blueberries, grated
lemon and red zest, or cinnamon bark and pecans. Suddenly you have a
filler nonfiction.

7 - Profiles of chefs: This theory seems to fit food magazines best,
but can also be very good for secondary newspapers, or newspapers'
food sections. Choose a provincial cook who has prescriptive rave reviews for
a unusual serving of food - zea mays chowder, roast spectator sport birds, vegetarian
feasts - and interrogation her or him for situation information,
favorite eating spots, and a instruction to stock.

Fillers can 'fill out' your inscription resume, and add brass to your
coffer, by using what you cognise and can taste off in spare
moments of your laboring day.

© 2006 Pamela White

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